Client: NVA
Project: HALF LIFE

HALF LIFE was a major co-production between, renowned environmental art innovators, NVA and National Theatre of Scotland. It took place throughout September 2007 in Kilmartin Glen in Mid-Argyll – one of the world’s most significant prehistoric regions. By day, the audience explored a range of atmospheric sites and art installations based around the existing ancient sites scattered throughout the glen. By night, they were transported to an atmospheric forest location to watch a compelling piece of site-specific theatre. Set upon a sculptural henge that has remained as a piece of public art and as a legacy of HALF LIFE.

The HALF LIFE publication comes wrapped in a bespoke, waterproof map showing routes to the sites of interest. It includes original writing by Neal Ascherson, Mark Edmonds, Tracey Warr, and Mike Pearson and offers an insight into the concepts behind the production.

We shot the various sites on infrared (IR) film. It captures the IR light reflected by the chlorophyll in green vegetation, revealing an ethereal glow off the land. It also records blue skies as black, encapsulating the day/night aspect of the event and the idea that the landscape still resonates with the ceremonial activities of its past inhabitants.


— Created at Skratch —